Monday, April 28, 2008

Planting Berries and More

A family friend's mother passed away last fall. She had 5 acres of fruit trees and berry brambles, most of which are over grown or died out. Since the house is to be sold soon I was told I could go find and dig starts. So guess what I did Saturday? :)

I now have 10 more thorn less blackberries planted along the east edge of the property. I hope to save up and put a fence in for them to climb later this summer. I also got 7 red rhubarb starts and planted them in a swathe by the pump. However, I'm most pleased with the red raspberry starts I dug. Tonight I need to prepare an area for them and get them in the ground, but I would say there are almost two dozen little raspberry plants - Yay! I LOVE raspberries. Hopefully all my new fruit plants and brambles survive the move!

I've finally got my four apple trees pruned! They're blooming now so maybe we'll have a couple apples this fall. I planted them two years ago as three year old seedlings, so this will be the first year they produce.... *if* they actually do. Some nasty little rodent was chewing the bark off - I almost didn't notice in time as one of the trees was nearly circled. I got them all wrapped now so unless the deer come munching they should be safe.

My camera is still being repaired, so unless I can steal my little sister's again there won't be many more pictures until I get it back.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Babies!

Sadie had a surprise waiting for me as well when I got home! 
Sadie is very proud of her two babies!  R - Annie Oakley, L- Calamity Jane
Little "Jane"
Here are Icy's twins - no names yet!

New Hives

We finally got our new bee hives set up!  We're up to eight right now.  

This one needs to be moved.  We're just not brave enough to actually do it!
Our neighbor brought some apricot prunings - the blossoms are spectacular!

Surprise Baby!

Icy wasn't due until next week but guess what I found waiting for me this morning when I went in to feed her?! Aren't they lovely?? My camera is broken so these are just some pix from my phone - please pardon the very poor quality.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

Soap pictures

My soap "curing" rack is full!
Fresh mint soap still in the molds - makes the whole house smell so good!